Calling Telephones


How to dial calls when you are in the San Felipe area

1. Calling a local San Felipe landline (Includes Mexicali) ( prefixes 576 and 577) from a landline or a cellphone: just dial the seven digits. For example, 577-1600.

2. Calling a Mexican cellphone in the San Felipe area from your landline phone, you must dial 044+ area code + number. Typical costs for a call to a local cellphone are 8 cents/minute to the landline customer.

3. Calling a local San Felipe cellphone from another local San Felipe cellphone: just dial area code and number.

4. To dial internationally from a landline or any cellphone in San Felipe , you use the international access code 00 + country code + area code + number, for example, to call the US Border crossing information in Calexico you would dial (landline or cellphone) 00-1-760-768-2383. Note that some cellphones will be barred from making international calls, depending on the plan that they have with their assigned carrier.


To call a San Felipe phone from outside Mexico

If you are using a cellphone to call into Mexico from the USA, you must first have your phone activated for international service – call your service provider! If your phone is not activated, you will get error messages which you may interpret as saying that the number you are dialing is not available.

1. To call a Mexican landline (San Felipe prefixes 576 and 577) from outside Mexico  dial your international access code+country code for Mexico (52) + area code and number of the landline. For example to call 577-1234 in San Felipe from the U.S.A you would dial 011-52-686-577-1234

2. To call a Mexican cellphone from outside Mexico: Add a “1” between the country code and the area code of the cellphone. For example to call a hypothetical cellphone in San Felipe from the U.S. you would dial 011-52-1-686-123-4567


Dialing toll-free calls in Mexico.

The system here is essentially identical to that in the USA where we have 800 numbers. For Example: to call Telnor from any phone and obtain information on services dial: 01-800-025-2525

To dial “toll free” calls to the USA, you must replace the 800, 866, 877, 888 prefix in the toll free number as shown in the table below:

USA Toll-free “Area Code”

replace with









So, for example, to dial AT&T Wireless customer service in the USA (800-947-5096) you would dial from San Felipe using either a landline or cellphone: 00-1-880-947-5096. Calling US toll free numbers from San Felipe will cost around 50 cents/minute.

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